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Long Name, Long Wear

By newshine · July 26, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

A lot of my favorite beauty bloggers (see Blogroll on right) extoll the amazing qualities of long-wearing, bright-hued, smooth-gliding eyeliners, such as Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil. These liners apply smoothly, are waterproof, and come in an array of killer colors. Sounds great, right? Well, if $18 PER PENCIL is your thing, then I guess it is!

But as you may or may not be picking up on by now, finding an inexpensive dupe for something pricey that actually works makes me all kinds of giddy. Believe me ladies (and gentlemen?), I found one. :)

NYX Slide On Eye Liner Pencil in Sunrise Blue

NYX Slide On Eye Liner Pencil Esmerelda

Interestingly enough, we're repeating yesterday's Urban Decay/NYX comparison. NYX makes their version, called "Slide On, Glide On, Stay On & Definitely A Turn On Water Proof, Extreme Shine Eye Liner (This eye liner is so good, the name had to be this long!)" Better be good after all that, right? Believe me, it is. Here's what the company has to say:

"Don’t let the softness of this eye liner pencil fool you. Silky soft yet delivers a powerful robust color to line eyes. The formula is waterproof, doesn’t smear or smudge, and provides extreme color. It’s like a liquid eye liner in a pencil without the mess. Available in 18 intense shades."


I wish NYX wouldn't have made the claim that they don't smear or smudge, because of course I'm going to test it. And yes, after several hard rubs, they smudge. But in reality, who does that to their eyes before bedtime? (They don't move on their own throughout the day, so we'll let that, um, slide.) ;) As for the "liquid eye liner in a pencil" bit, I would have to agree. They're just a million times easier to apply!

I have two colors out of 18 available, SL 06 Esmerelda and SL 14 Sunrise Blue. Both are basically metallic, though I don't think they're billed as such. (I think all of the colors are essentially metallic, but again, I don't think they're called that by NYX.) Esmerelda is a light, yellow-based green, and Sunrise Blue is a deep, true blue. Both have silver micro-glitter, with Sunrise Blue seeming to contain more than Esmerelda.

Before thumb-smudging.

After a good thumb-smudging. Still holdin' on!

Both NYX Slide On pencils and Urban Decay 24/7 pencils contain 0.04oz of product, so the claim that you get more with Urban Decay for the price can't be made. They're also both made in Germany, which I found interestingly random, but maybe lots of cosmetics are made in Germany?

See that long name? Crazy-talk!

NYX Slide On Eye Liner Pencil in Esmerelda


Overall, I'm loving these pencils, and I'm having a really hard time finding any complaints. If I were to have one, it would be that because they're soft pencils, you have to sharpen them more frequently, which means they are consumed faster than hard pencils. But this is true with any brand, so don't let that affect how you feel about NYX's product.

Because they're so pigmented, any skin tone should be able to wear the majority of the shades, and they really are waterproof. They're easy to use, very richly pigmented, and long-wearing. The products are affordable and if you wanted to just get one pencil in a fun color for those funky days we all wake up with, then the price is definitely right. :)

I will be purchasing more shades soon, most likely the purples! I'll put up some swatches when I do.


NYX Slide On Eye Pencil

$7.99 by NYX at Ulta



Hope you're Tuesday is going great! I have class tonight, but that's the only one for the week, so I should survive. ;)


Much love,


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